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Relative molecular weight: approximately 600
CAS number: 130668-24-5

Performance and purpose:

PAPEMP has high chelation dispersion performance, calcium tolerance, and excellent scale inhibition performance.
It can be used as a scale and corrosion inhibitor for circulating cooling water systas, especially suitable for high hardness, high alkalinity, high pH circulating cooling water systas and oilfield water treatment.
The scale inhibition performance of calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate, and calcium sulfate is excellent, and it can effectively inhibit the formation of silicon scale.
Has a good stabilizing effect on metal ions such as zinc, manganese, and iron.
Can be used as a mabrane scale inhibitor for reverse osmosis systas, multi-stage flash evaporation systas, and other high salt content, high turbidity, and high-taperature systas for scale inhibition and corrosion inhibition.
Can be used as textile printing and dyeing auxiliaries and papermaking auxiliaries (anti yellowing agents).
Can replace EDTA DTPA, NTA, etc.

Technical indicators:

Appearance: Light yellow or yellow transparent liquid
Active components (calculated by PAPEMP): ≥ 36.0% (first grade) and ≥ 40.0% (special grade)
Phosphoric acid (calculated as PO4 ^ 3-): ≤ 1.0%
Phosphorus acid (calculated as PO3 ^ 3-): ≤ 2.5%
Iron content (calculated as Fe ^ 2+): ≤ 35 mg/L
Density (20 ℃): ≥ 1.15 g/cm ^ 3
PH (1% aqueous solution): ≤ 2.0


The normal dosage of PAPEMP is 5-100mg/L, and the more it is added, the better the effect. It can also be used in combination with polycarboxylic acid and other compounds. High dosage can achieve high concentration factor operation.

Packaging and storage:

PAPEMP is packaged in plastic drums, with a weight of 25kg or 250kg per drum, or depending on user needs.
It should be stored indoors in a cool and shady place for a storage period of twelve months.

Security protection:

PAPEMP is acidic, and labor protection should be taken into consideration during operation to avoid contact with skin, eyes, etc. After contact, rinse with plenty of water.

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